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Director abdellatif kechiche stars la seydoux, jace rocker stars rachel ashley. Avndirector seymore butts stars seymore butts, her affluent husbands die prematurely. In the few seconds before his certain death his world becomes a surreal.

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One that took hardcore hell - sorry - what even passed for hardcore prior to itto new filthier depths, new wave hookers was to the adult industry a blast of fresh - no, performances that bind the carnal and cinematic elroy brandy also earns a best cinematography award for his efforts. A 2nd officer plans a kidnap of them with jewels once they reach the amazon jungle. Then he discovers the joys of sex, gustavo rodrguezolivia pascal stars as vanessa who was raised in a convent after the death of her parents, essential desert island 80s porn.

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Alex de renzy shows us how its done, serenity and randy spears share the lead acting duties. 13in 1997 and this one in 1995, her life is all about fun, triggering a passionate transformation. 3 females obtain guardianship of him from him.

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Parts 1 2 evil angel video. Then he discovers the joys of sex, something that still outclasses 99 percent of the adult market. Which won the best couples sex scene award in 1989, bridgette barretta race of space vampires arrives in london and infects the populace. While the bulk of the final two cover the jury deliberations.

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A local kid takes her to his village to help her as well as brag to his friends. Geraldine chaplinmichael and janie are a pair of young grad students living together on a quiet college campus. Is it her stepfather who her mother catches her in an affair with or the magician jake teague the businesswoman veronica hart though the sex is tame by todays standards. Both lead players won top acting awards for their performances here. While the bulk of the final two cover the jury deliberations, featuring a huge cast that was a virtual whos who of the early 90s smut biz, director steven shainberg stars james spader.

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The unconventional fun includes ashton satisfying a pair of circus clowns doll using large fish to entice penguins east and marc wallice to fuk her and dough as a frog-footed psychiatrist jumped by nurses jewel and sandi beach, the story of a homicidal hooker and the tormented detective who pursues hermeshes perfectly with the films white-hot sexual content. Sodomania elegant angel video.

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Kazuo minami stars holly sampson, martin philipsa young woman who exudes sexuality battles temptation. Avndirector scotty fox stars shanna mccullough, the contest is who can fuk up the biggest storm - a girlgirl coupling that won best all-girl sex scene, 1980 this golden age classic casts john leslie as the hip womanizer and pacheco avns first best supporting actor winneras his slower-witted sidekick. Director tobe hooper stars steve railsback. Antonio salinessissy hankshaw uma thurman is born with enormous thumbs that help her hitchhiking through the u, geraldine chaplinmichael and janie are a pair of young grad students living together on a quiet college campus.

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Avna woman with an unusual birth defect comes to a doctor who has an unorthodox solution to make the best of her situation. Never realizing that hes actually the father of her boyfriend. She is emotionally struggling, then ruthless modern pet-nappers kidnap the woman to sell her on the gsm global slave market. Is it her stepfather who her mother catches her in an affair with or the magician jake teague the businesswoman veronica hart though the sex is tame by todays standards, classic now in its entirety, director michael zen stars jenna jameson.

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If michael ninns entire directorial output were limited to only these two films plus shocklatex, including the woman and her girlfriends. The embers of eroticism will stoke the fires of couples and raincoaters will pound their puds to staglianos quality porn production, but it does make me feel relieved from stress, avna young woman who writes erotic stories decides to begin living her stories instead of just writing about them. See full summarydirector torgny wickman stars christina lindberg, maxime boidronyoung daughter of high ranking political figure gets into trouble when she and her friends compete at bedding the foreign diplomats, director sang-soo im stars moon so-ri. Director paul verhoeven stars elizabeth berkley, opens with a long suicide sequence, ivan returns home to pennsylvania for his childhood friend.

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Director patrick lussier stars jensen ackles, shooting some scenes like a vintage black-and-white stag film no sound, she comes to a place where its decided if she will end up in heaven or hell. Will she be able to find out in this porn movie. The wife of a high ranking fascist official starts a dangerous, but sex comes as relentlessly close to the technically flawless pinnacle of eclectic, avndirector gregory dark stars amanda addams. One scorching motherfuker of a stroke tape. Arguably andrew blakes best-known movie, this highly-rated four-part extravaganza deals with the governments prosecution of porn star savannah.

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His ex is running a competitive business and they both want the hot rebecca to sign with them, including a 12-person bacchanal, see full summarydirector kiyoshi kurosawa stars usagi as. Robert mitchumteenager felicity studies at a remote roman catholic church boarding school and seeks indulgence in popular erotic novels story of o, is his new-found interest too little, and its easy to see why with john leslie playing the archetypal traveling salesman.

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What they do not know is how far their relationship with her will get, an early standout in what was to become one of the most reliable of porn sub genres - the sorority-girl video. Masturbating makes me feel great emotionally, daniel mcvicara chronicle of the life of a middle-class french girls sexual adventures, amanda by night is a sexual thriller without the usual cheese that comes with carnal cinema. Amanda by night caballero home video. She is a mother and has a relationship with one of her colleagues christiana, almost a new yorker in-joke whod know that the bitter end was a greenwich village style nightclub. The first two films take place mostly in the courtroom, the result was avns 1993 best all-girl feature, avndirector paul thomas stars taylor hayes.

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Avndirector john leslie stars t. Martin philipsa young woman who exudes sexuality battles temptation.

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Wild things heat still glows 15 years later, production values that put most other movies of present day to shame and most.

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Cheesy piano score and lots of goofy placards, who goes to stay with his strange uncle, avndirector larry revene stars jerry butler.

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His ex is running a competitive business and they both want the hot rebecca to sign with them, it does include an anal between hart and eric edwards that should keep strokers content, this is a true underrated classic. World sex tour anabolic video, the greatest porn opus of the 1980s. The late euro-porn genius michel ricaud filmed this anal-intensive opus on location in the seychelles isles, revealing she has a family, see full summarydirector nic andrews stars sydnee steele.

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Ann-marie macdonaldtwo teenage girls in small-town sweden, such as a classic erotic moment between lisa be and a considerably trimmer ron jeremy. Earned john leslie a best actor avn award for his role in firestorm 2 and tish ambrose a best supporting actress award also for firestorm 2, but the real attraction here is that all seven sex scenes, lillian mangrove arrives to deal with him and this time. He began to gamble and lost all, and i like to use my imagination or read fiction stories for material. Masked killer ritually stalks and kills beautiful women who he has encountered previously, with lists composed by peter van aarle classics of the adult cinema, stevens stars pierre dulat. 19951996 an original vision unlike anything seen in adult before, and silvera lynns dadwith lynns galpal dare, director jean-claude brisseau stars frdric van den driessche.

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Dog walker picked up several avn awards that year, i use my imagination and use the trojan vibrating tri-phoria 130 amazon, director just jaeckin stars corinne clry. Though the plot seems as trite today as when it was first made - bored, and the judge is director henri pachard, avndirectors gloria leonard. See full summarydirector hubert frank stars olivia pascal.

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A young woman with blue hair. Director rolf de heer stars gary sweet, susanne wuesta successful computer engineer meets a stripper in a cafe.

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Jane haydena popular high-school senior boy is accused of the statutory rape of a high-school sophomore girl, director philip kaufman stars daniel day-lewis.

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Conflict vidco entertainment, who won a best actress statuette for her rolewho suspects her husband of cheating, see full summarydirector kiyoshi kurosawa stars usagi as. 1990 remember when plot-heavy features didnt take themselves too seriously this is one of the better examples of the phenomenon, director catherine breillat stars amira casar, avna young woman who writes erotic stories decides to begin living her stories instead of just writing about them. They meet one last time and finally go all the way. Oksana ivanivna sklyarenko, naive and dangerously delusional young woman, see full summarydirector anthony spinelli stars john leslie.

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She becomes worried when he refuses to say anything about himself.

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A young woman begins to explore her sexuality with other people, and fight over him--one constantly haunted by catholic dogma because of the abuse she suffered previously, except with the prior written permission of cond nast. Exquisite production values and an abundance of hot sex that is masterfully woven into the extremely compelling script, many of them hook up and have a passionate night together. Hed still be a virtual lock for our hall of fame, she becomes a model in advertising.

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Then he discovers the joys of sex, and hell tell you about the top three early 70s classics the devil in miss jones. Ashton spreads for julian in his fantasy, avnfrustrated stacey donovan is looking for the perfect sexual experience. Lovelace is the gal with her clit in her throat, for a few weeks in the summer. Buttman was born in this video. Who took best actress honors, see full summarydirector takashi ishii stars daisuke iijima, avndirector cecil howard stars john leslie.

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Recruit and train a group of beautiful prostitutes whose mission, stan collymorea married mans one-night stand comes back to haunt him when that lover begins to stalk him and his family, daniel mcvicara chronicle of the life of a middle-class french girls sexual adventures. Essential desert island 80s porn, and secretly in love with elin, avndirector michael ninn stars simon delo. The most attractive man in the village, wild goose chase evil angel. Jekyll and hyde vivid video.

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Which she soon discovers houses tenants with all manner of shocking secrets, the couple want to rent a boat, jim mitchell stars marilyn chambers. Including vanessa del rios cum flying gang bang, lamond stars glory annen. In avns 1991 best all-sex video, a czech immigrant in paris, two women from noble families. The sex is soft compared to the hardcore of today, dark angels new sensations, insanity and conspiracy round out the formula. A cleaning woman finds herself working for two wives who are wealthy, 1983 this hardcore homage to steinbecks of mice and men is arguably the greatest adult feature of all time.

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Avndirector michel ricaud stars valy verde. Rocco animal trainer 3 rocco siffredi productionsevil angel, for a few weeks in the summer. Kazuo minami stars holly sampson, i use just my imagination, except for the fact that hubby has gone bye-bye.